This is a story of triumph. Triumph over self (lower self), over IT (the mind), over self-sabotage, over culture, custom, and morality. This is a story of triumph over fear. This is a story of one little boys journey through the unrelenting world of men, and his quest to be the the man he always imagined he would be.

7 years ago I wrote about myself here, reading now felt like I was reading the bio of someone I don’t even know. I was a mess! From the outside it looked like I had it all. Girlfriend, career, money, family & friends, health. If you didn’t know me you’d swear I was living my best life. But that wasn’t the case at all. I was depressed, having major bouts of extreme panic, and crippling anxiety. The world, according to my mind, was falling apart and I didn’t know how to stop it. It felt like I was heading for an untimely demise and it couldn’t come faster, cause I just wanted it to be over. Since then, a lot has changed. So who am I today and how did I get here?

I’ll start with who I am. I’ll leave my name out of this, I am not looking to draw attention to myself and I believe that keeping this way will allow me to be real, open, honest, not hold anything back.

I’m a chemical engineer turned firefighter with multiple degrees including operational engineering and business. I’ve been in this line of work for 8 years, and during that time I’ve been blessed with a large salary and plenty of time off. In my down time I work on side hustles and startups that excite me. As well, I travel, spend time with my fam and friends, and whatever girl I happen to be dating at the time. Things were pretty much the same until about 2 years ago when a beautiful blonde fitness model stalked me down via tinder and insta, we had our first date in Toronto, and our second date in Belize. In order to make it happen I had to get my passport and prepare to leave the country for the first time. That was the start of a whole new chapter in my life.

I ended up accepting a position as Project manager flying back and forth to Belize. Was dating my future wife and business partner. And spending most of my days on a tropical island, staying in a villa on the water, hanging out with millionaires, entrepreneurs, models, and some of the most amazing people having some of the amazing experiences. During that time, my gf forced me to do the landmark forum, and life was never the same after that.

Once that project wrapped up and we came back to Canada, everything fell apart. She quickly became depressed and let go of everything in her life, including me. We broke up. I broke down. Got her back. Broke up again for the final time.

At that point I embarked on a journey of self discovery. Doing more landmark, sterling Institute, and private coaching to figure out who I was and what my purpose was on this earth. I certainly have not fully figured that out because what I did figure out is that there is no destination to get to but a long and sometimes arduous journey, and in the journey there is the reward.

Since then I have traveled a whole bunch more, started up an online travel journal which is still in the works… Watch for it. I’ve also taken on multiple side hustles including a being a Rep for a supplement colony and a self development service with one of the most amazing self development coaches I’ve had the good fortune of meeting.

Next chapter of life will be all about travel and a more in-depth journey of self discovery, as well as making the transition to a life where having a “job” is a thing of the past becuase I’ll be doing something I love every single day! This blog will be my “journal” of ramblings. Uncensored, just as a private journal should be. But the hope here is that something will trigger something in someone out there in the world. Knowing that if a little boy from a war torn country that’s struggled his entire life can find peace, happiness, and success… Well then anyone can!!

Peace & Love, Always & Forever

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