Is it better to be with “No one” or the “wrong one”

Posted: January 6, 2019 in Heart

It’s a sad world. Give them what they want and they go away.

So here’s something I realized tonight. So I’m getting shitfaced on Costa Rican Guaro, right. Sitting on the balcony of one of the most beautiful places on earth and this realization comes to me. Well it comes after much trouble, shit ain’t free after all.

So 4 days ago I invite a girl down to Costa Rica. Im spending a few weeks here x finding myself n all that. And we msg and she tells me she has a few days off. So I say… Hhhayyyyy come down!! So surprisingly she does. I think it’s gonna be the best time ever. Soon enough I discover we are such diff people and we actually don’t get along at all. Just goes to show, don’t really know someone till you spend days and days with them.

So after a few days of having the sickest adventures we end up in this hotel 4oom overlooking the ocean and the rainforest jungle. Super sick. Hotel Costa Verde. If you get a chance, come here!! She’s been after me for dick for some time and I won’t give it up. She keeps trying. It’s cute actually but kinda annoying. Crazy part is I’ve been so brutally honest I wonder how she hasn’t booked a ticket and left already. Anyways….

So after a long day of me being disappointed and telling her that she’s fkd, some central American raccoons happen on our balcony. Cutest things in the world!! They are so balsy!! so me being me I start feeding them. And one turns into 2 and before you know it, there’s 2 coons that won’t leave!! I feed and feed and feed them till they’re so full. And then income our to call them and they’re no where to be found.

At the same time, I go inside, wasted, and I can’t help myself so I start fooling around with her. don’t fuck her but finger her till she cums. I come out and the coons are gone. And now she’s nowhere to be found either.

The point?? Withhold what they want and they keep coming back trying to get it. Give it to them and they abandon you. Basic animal instinct! They will try everything and do and say anything to get what they want… give it to them and they leave.

Girls or raccoons… they always leave when they get what they want. withhold what they want and they will keep trying to get it! IT’S a fucked up savage world but to play it right, gotta hold on to what they want. They will keep trying to get it. Give it to them and they’re gone!!

Good luck!!!

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