LOTD: Options

Posted: November 25, 2018 in Heart

The only options are fear or mastery.

The way you react to your woman is the way you react to the world. When life hits hard, goes crazy, gets chaotic, what do you do?

Whatever you do with your woman is what you do with the world around you. Both your woman and the world will wreck you so bad you don’t wanna get up. How you react when your woman goes “insane” is how you react when the world around you goes insane.

You can choose to back down, or pick smaller challenges, or wait for the storm to calm down. Or you can take the moment as a challenge to conquer the world, and your woman! Be full, be strong, be present. Learn to enjoy her anger, her tears, her hardness. The world will give you the same. Have no attachment to the outcome. The world, and your woman’s emotions will rise and fall.

You only have 2 options. Fear, or mastery. Choose mastery!!

“you have mastered your woman, and the world when no desire either to avoid or attain sways your loving or limits your freedom”

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