Lesson of the day:

There’s always a silver lining to every shitty situation, just have to open your eyes to see it.

OK, so tonight my girlfriend broke down and had to be towed back home. And by girlfriend I mean my newest baby, my car. Her name is Freya btw. Named after the Norse goddess of beauty, sex, and war. She’s German so it’s only fitting she gets a name like that. And she really is all about beauty and sex. The war, well she’s the night edition or as I say it’s a spelling mistake and it’s actually the Knight edition. Yeah, she’s a blacked out 2018 topless blacked out with cranberry red interior Merc.

Hit a massive pothole on the highway, ripped the sidewall open, thank goodness they’re run-flats! Turn around and headed back home (I was 30min out from a 3-hour drive to a meeting). Got an hour and a half to my house when the tire was totally fucked. So call the tow company, tell them I need someone to come change my tire (cause why the fuck would I do it when I pay for a service, right?!). In that time I check for the spare only to find there’s NO SPARE!

WTF, right?! Well, I guess most new cars have runflats and don’t use spares anymore. So… A flatbed towtruck it was. Yeah, I could have been pissed, but Remeber a few LOTD’s ago? Go with it even if you didn’t plan it? So how do I make the most of this?!?

BURGER KING!! Yes there was a burger king right there and I haven’t had a whopper in like 5 years… So why the fuck not!? By the time I got my whopper the tow guy was there. Hooked Freya up, I jumped in with him for the 1.5-hour drive and we were off!

And wow, what an amazing conversation we had. Racing cars, cops, law shit… Then it got only health. And I’m thinking, this old guy has a good fucking life. Not too shabby looking for an old dude and funny AF always laughing. Tells me he’s diagnosed with some bowel disease and in a matter of a year or 2 they will have to cut out his colon and he’s gotta shit in a fucking bag!!

I dunno, something about that. I was thinking of how I’d feel if I knew there was nothing I can do and in a couple years I’d be shitting in a bag. Man, I definitely wouldn’t be taking it as this guy would. I’d be depressed AS FUCK! Doing all sorts of stupid shit. Just put things into perspective.

Everyone is dealing with shit. The shit I think in dealing that’s “the end of the world” is so trivial….

Whoa ok, I’m way off track lol. Wtf does this have to do with a silver lining?! Lol yeah, I tend to lose track sometimes.

So what’s the silver lining?! Hello! Fucking burger king OOBBVVVV!!! I even got another whopper to go, I mean it’s only right, it was 2 for 7 deal, that’s basically like buy one get one free!! Oh well that and the fact that a man is on the fast track to shitting in a bag and is still being an incredible human being, still smiling and laughing and radiating amazing energy! Can’t control the situation your in but you sure can control how you feel about it! So I learned a little something from him. Put my “whoa is me” issues really into perspective.

So now imma eat this second whopper, enjoy the fuck out of it, and ponder how amazing I have it!


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