Lesson of the day:

Even though to you something might be clear as day, through someone else’s perspective, it’s might be clear as mud.

I’ll elaborate. Today I met up for my biweekly meeting with my men’s group. We played this game that’s designed to make you see and experience empathy for another. There’s many levels of play and the one we started off with involved a guide, a builder, a curator, and a bunch of observers. The curator builds an object with a certain number of wooden parts, gives that to the guide who’s blindfolded, who has to feel and describe that object to the builder who’s also blind folded, who must then build it. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. It’s meant to teach you a lot about yourself and others.

So what did it teach me?? Well many things but the one I’ll focus on is that when your an observer from the outside, some things seem so simple and so obvious. Like you want to yell out in frustration cause it’s so simple, it’s all right there, why can’t they see it?! Well that’s exactly it, THEY CAN’T SEE IT!! Their perspective is not yours.

The other big thing happened when one person set up one piece wrong, believed it was right, and even though the guide asked him repeatedly if it was in that position, he kept repeating that it was, but really it wasn’t. So how does that happen? Well the builder was listening but just wasn’t hearing what the guide was saying. He already checked it off in his mind that it was right and moved on, closed his mind to the fact that there’s a chance it might not be. It was right and that’s the end of it. Never going back to consider that maybe it’s not and he should double check. How many times do we do that in life?! Idunno about you but for me it’s many! Many many many times.

As an observer it’s even more frustrating cause your seeing this happen and can’t do anything about it, wondering how the fuck is this person getting this so wrong right now?! Wanting to scream at them but can’t. But it’s crazy to see how it all plays out. It symbolizes how we really are with each other in life. We talk from our own perspective, blind to what the other person sees or experiences. They do their thing based on what we’re saying but that’s also coming from a blind perspective, only focusing out what we experience. Miscommunications, frustration, misunderstanding, and no matter how many times someone is saying something that we think we got and move on, we’re not really fully listening to what their saying from a clear open mind, from nothing. Cause only from nothing can there truly be something.

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