Lesson of the day:

Make your plans as if they will be executed exactly as you made them, and when they don’t, go with whatever ended up happening instead.

There’s an old religious saying that goes… “I plan and you plan and God makes his own plan”. In more modern times, this translates to the universe making it so things go a certain way, and that way is always in your favour. Now, what’s the catch? Well, you have to make A plan, whatever it is, and begin to execute. That’s really the only requirement. The plan puts it out there into the universe. The action moves it along to where it will eventually need to be. It’s like planning a trip. Decide where you wanna go. Get in the car and drive the route you wanted to drive. But if a detour comes along, just go with it. Choose it as a choice and not as a decision that you begrudgingly make. You gain your power and build a new experience. And you never know what kinda cool-ass shit you’ll experience along the way.

“I’m not where I wanted to be but I’m exactly where I needed to be”

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