Why didn’t I think about this before?! Million dollar question, right? I mean how many times do we say that in a lifetime?

So I wanna write more, I wanna blog more, I wanna say more. I wanna spread the word on whatever lessons I’ve learned in this lifetime in hopes that it reaches one person, touches one person, transforms one person’s life on this planet (or whatever planet it’s being read on). We can’t believe that our struggles and triumphs are for nothing, they’re not. There’s a purpose. Mostly they’re vehicles of transport to some next level of the game. The game of life I mean. The most interesting and immersive game we can possibly play.

So what’s stopping me? Well, I am. I’m the only person that ever stops me. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you’re your own worst enemy”. Well it’s reality. But it’s not “me” that’s stopping me. It’s 10k years of evolution, or lack thereof. Our brains aren’t wired for this world we live in. They’re wired for a life that doesn’t exist anymore. And herein lies the problem. In order to succeed in this life, we have to battle the past. We have to battle evolution, genes, DNA. And that’s a tough battle. A battle we usually lose, cause we don’t even know we’re fighting it. Cause how can you ever win a game when you don’t even know your playing? How can you win a fight if you don’t even know your fighting? The odds are stacked against us. A very fortunate few ever wake up from the matrix to realize their reality. The kicker… If/when you do, you’ll find that you’ve cleansed the doors of perception to a point that you can’t ever turn back. So what’s wrong with that? Well, reality out of the matrix is terrifying as it is exciting. A roller-coaster of sorts. You’ve all seen The Matrix. Well, reality isn’t far off.

So why fight? The battle is too hard, right? Well… Sorta, but not really. The battle itself is tough. Just like anything new. I graduated chemical engineering, and the first couple years were a nightmare. Math… Wow! There was this one course at the end of the program that put it all into perspective. I’ll backtrack a touch though.

So the first year of the program I was still driving back and forth between the city I was in school and where I lived and grew up. I worked at my dads’ variety store at nights helping out. And this old man would come in every night. He looked and smelled homeless. Always wanted to trade whatever he had for a pack of smokes. Sometimes if he brought something in that was of value I’d take him up on the offer. But most times he would just come in and chat for a bit and leave. One day he comes in and asks me…. “So how’s school going young buck?” I tell him I’m frustrated with the math, after all its useless. When am I gonna need to know calculus?! He replies with… “wow you just don’t get it, do you?” “Get what?” I say. “Why they’re teaching how to solve these difficult math problems that seem useless”. “No, clearly I don’t get it, cause it’s useless”. “They’re not teaching to you so you can learn it!” OK so obviously now I’m super confused. “So if it’s not to learn calculus then why the fuck are they wasting my time with it?!” “They’re teaching how to learn!” That was like… Whoa! Some karate kid shit. Some situations and lessons in life seem like… Why on earth would I need to go through this, it’s bullshit! But what’s happening is life is prepping you, teaching you something, and most times the lesson has nothing to do with the subject. Messed up right? Yeah, very. But true.

So back to the story. Last semester of chemical engineering and there’s one course, chemical engineering formulations. This class is so ridiculously hard that it takes 3 days to solve one equation and it starts off with only letters and the end result is one number. It’s mind-boggling. Hardest course I’ve ever taken. So what was the result? I ace the course with an A. In fact that was the only semester I ever got straight A’s. The last and hardest semester. So how does that work? All the bullshit of the last few years struggling, getting beat down, stressing, served to make me smarter, able to take on even the most difficult equations and solve them with relative ease. But there was no way I was gonna even have a fighting chance if I didn’t go through the most intense of struggle, what seemed like endless losing battles, only to conquer in the end.

OK, so what’s the point of all this? Well, I’ve been through enough shit in this life that I have stories to share, lessons to be learned. And I want to share them. So what I plan on doing to get my writing muscle going is to write every day. Now how do I get the time for that? Well, easy. I’m not going to write long-winded blogs like I normally do. I mean I still will when I have a story to tell (and I have a whole bunch saved up but can’t write them now as a certain someone is reading this). So instead, in going to a “Lesson of the Day” blog posted daily. Or at least as daily as possible lol. We’ll see how that turns out. Either way, it’ll be fun. It’ll be something I’ve learned that day, or something I’ve been pondering over some time and came to some realization. It’ll also serve to open my eyes to the lesson that the universe is teaching me that day or has been trying for some time without success.

There’s a really good line in a book called The 5th Mountain by Paulo Cohelo that goes something like (and I’m paraphrasing)… There are stages in life we must go through, lessons to be learned, and then on to the next stage. When we get stuck in one stage for too long, the universe has a way of shaking the shit out of our world and making sure that we leave that stage for the next. I believe those stages are endless. The only limiting factor for experiencing a massive amount of stages is our life capacity.

Which bring me to the lesson of the day. Life capacity.

I Beleive that the amount of life that’s allotted to us is in direct correlation to the purpose of our life. The more use there is for us, the longer our lifespan. So why do we die early? That life has so far served no purpose and is showing no signs of any purpose to be served in the future. After all, life/the world/the universe is all about efficiency. And it’s not efficient to support a life when it’s serving no purpose. That’s like the random guy on the couch. And yes I’ve had that. A friend of my roommates that was supposed to only stay for a week or so to get back on his feet. Well, that week or so ended up being 6 months. Not paying rent, not working, not even earning his keep and doing things around the house. In fact, all he did was smoke weed and make the house messier. Fuck he wouldn’t even clean up after himself. So the time came when he served no purpose. He was not contributing to the rent and wasn’t contributing to anything that would improve our living situation. So he had to go. And out he went. And in the same way, this plant and this life evicts us when we no longer serve a purpose that benefits the planet/the universe/mankind/animal kind….or whatever. Obv in not clear on the details, but a general observation. And I know this sounds a little controversial as there was some badass people living a super long life and some amazing people dying early. But I don’t think it has anything to do with how nice you are, nice is a story, it’s subjective. I think it’s factual, objective, without morals or beliefs. Only what’s best for the planet or mankind or the universe or…. Idunno.

So there you have it. Ok next one won’t be as long 😜

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