What have I learned today?

Posted: October 4, 2018 in Heart

Today I learned that life responds to you just as much as you respond to life. Take charge of the situation, and life will give you what you want. It’s all energy. Energy flows to where it feels like it’s in good hands. Like feminine energy, money or women, will flow to where they are safe and secure, knowing they are in good hands. So how did this happen for me today? I’ll explain.

So today was the last and final day of our 4-day high angle rope rescue training. What that? It’s the shit you see special forces doing in movies, repelling off the side of building and such. Not to that extent though cause a lot of what they are doing is dramatization and not really possible, but it gives you an idea. Most of the stuff we learned was about how to rescue victims that are injured and trapped either in confined spaces or on top of buildings or even on the side of industrial towers. So during the first three and a half days, I did what I normally do, hang back until I’m picked or if after no one speaks up, I’ll finally say I want to do it. Even though I wanted to do it in the first place. My rationale for this has always been: don’t be a hog and let others ahead of you. Me being all curious n shit. But the reality is that’s bullshit. I just don’t want to look bad. Then I get stuck with a job I don’t to do or nothing at all, just watching from the sidelines. And that makes me feel some type of way of course. Like I’m not good enough, or stupid… Basically a victim.

So how did I make the realization that life gives you exactly what you want if you take charge? Well at the very end of the training there’s a live scenario where you have to set up all the gear alone, no help from anyone, and then get graded on it with a pass or fail. Simple. So there are 4 scenarios. I’m really really good at one. Not so good at another. I, of course, wanted the one I’m good at but you can’t pick. The scenarios go into a hat and you pick. Whatever one you get, you get. So he asks, who wants to go first? That was my moment to shine. So instinctually I said… I DO!! Before my mind has had time to over analyze it and turn it into a bucket of fuck. Which one did I get?! Yupp you guess it! The one I wanted!

Might not seem like anything but coincidence, but in reality, there is no such thing. Everything happens for a reason. So that made me think. A lot! About all the things I’ve sat back from, not made the move, not put my hand up, not talked to that pretty girl, whatever it is. Why? Cause I made up a story and that story stopped me from doing it, thinking… Well if it was meant to be it’ll happen anyways. Well, that’s not really how it happens. Maybe the super big things in life are destiny, but most of our day to day stuff is all up to us. We either get what we want or get nothing at all.

So we make the move, and either we get it and it reinforces and encourages us to do more of that. Or we don’t, fail, and soon enough it’s forgotten about. The only thing that never leaves is when we don’t take the action. That creates doubt. And doubt is what kills the warrior, and never fear. Life will respond in kind even when we fail, cause it doesn’t look at the outcome, only what action we took or didn’t take, and rewards us accordingly. Level up or stay where you are.

If we can just learn to change the context of our view from… We want to win and if there’s a chance of losing we won’t do it. To… We are out in the world collecting “NO’s”. Learning how to deal with rejection and failure. To the point where we aren’t phased by “failure and rejection”, that’s when a whole world of possibilities opens up for us. Where we can accomplish any goal, get any girl, go anywhere we want to go. Will we still feel fear? Of course we will, that won’t ever go away. But we have effectively increased our courage so much that it crushes the fear when it comes up, unstoppable by whatever fear tells us.

So all that to say… Be the first, take that chance, do that thing you want, take that risk. I’m positive that you’ll get exactly what you want out of this life, and some!!

Till the next episode, good luck and good night!

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