The simple thing

Posted: September 20, 2018 in Heart

This simplest things in life are really the best. The love of a woman. Watching her sleep after eating her pussy so good she cums and falls asleep, holding her in your arms, feeling her warmth, having a smoke outside listening to the crickets sing their song, typing up a blog drunk off Spanish wine. It’s a beautiful life. Never take it for granted. Ever.

Life is so precious. We won the lottery just by being alive. Use every moment. Every single one. Live these moments like their your last. Cause what if there was no other. Would you be where you are???? I know I would. If these were my last moments in life I’d be perfectly content. The beauty of life. That’s the thing. It’s beautiful cause you never know. You never know. And if I knew, I’d still do what I’m doing right now. So grateful. So content. Thank you.

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