Posted: January 13, 2017 in Heart

​0624: last belizian sunrise for a bit. And what a glorious one at that. Visible for 6 minutes as it pulls itself out from the water to be seen for by those who choose to be present enough to witness it’s beauty. Then, she hides behind the clouds. Something most things with true beauty seem to want to do. But I got it. I got that time to witness this and it can never be taken away. Great night last night. Hustled all day, had a great time with everyone. Christie and I had the best talks around 1630 which lasted right thought dinner. Went out for dinner with Christie and had the best talks again. Same topic. Business, hustle game, strategy, life,  all the good stuff. Had delicious ceviche. Then went upstairs after we got back for one of the friends birthdays. Got to swing at a piñata, never done that before!! So that was pretty cool. Didn’t do anything to it, but still super fun. Had cake. Jokes alot. Then it was time to tell her what she means to US. One at a time we went. What a great practice. Then something weird. It flipped and she had to tell us what she saw in each of us. For me she said I had a big warm loving heart. I care for people and just want to help. I have purity in my eyes and have no hidden agenda.  And that I am connected to source. I loved it!!! What an amazing thing to say about someone!! Then she turned to Christie and told her that she’s very lucky lol. Amazing right?? Loved it. Great night. Come back down, showered, and cuddled to sleep. Woke up and had a little cuddle sesh for 10min and now here I am. Watching a beauty of a sunrise as I cage my thoughts on this digital paper in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Truly blessed.  
0630: 1x exhilarin, 2x probiotic, earl grey tea with PSL creamer and honey 

0730: 2x l-theanine, 2x fish oil 

1000: fryjack, watermelon and orange juice 

2200: shrimp, steak, potatoes, fried cheesecake, Icecream, iced tea 

2230: 1x CoQ10, 1x potassium iodide 1x ALA 

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