Posted: January 13, 2017 in Heart

​Yesterday was a good day. Seems like as the days tick by closer to my departure from this place the better the mood I’m in but the sadder I become. The reality of the shortness of time that’s left here makes things real and puts things into perspective. I sit out here on this beautiful patio, my favourite cigar on one had sipping on a delicious tulsi chai masala tea with condensed milk watching the sunrise. I can’t help but deeply appreciate the splendour and the beauty that is before me. These little moments make it all worth while. All the fighting, all the stress, all the distress, the anguish and heartache. It all becomes with it. The country I’ve always wanted to visit is not another home. And I couldn’t have done this without her. She’s the gateway to all this. And with extreme disturbance comes extreme tranquillity. The scales must balance. Always. 1 more sunrise like this and back to the frigid cold. The monotony of the job I endure for money. The only consolation is the people. The people I get to go back to is the only thing that give me joy. My family, my friends. The possibility. 

New years eve we were on a sail boat watching the fireworks, right before the new year was ushered in we were asked to write down the possibility that we are creating for the new year. Mine was subduing my self gratification monkey, Maurice. Put all my efforts into ending or at least curtailing procrastination. Getting my inventions off the ground. Making those lists I’ve wanted to. Enrolling in the stocks I’ve wanted to buy. New hobbies. New beginnings really. I’ve got a long list of things I’ve wanted to do and just have not gotten around to it. And yet time had not waiting for me. I’ve said for a long time that at 35 I’d like to retire. Or at least have the possibility of retiring. Well with this girl it’s possible. I’ve got the ability now. It’s time to take things to the next level. Take what I’ve always wanted out of this life. Give it back to the ones that mean so much to me. And now the token has come for me to stand up, and execute!
0630: 1x exhilarin, tulsi chai masala tea w/condensed milk and honey, 1x el guajiro

1500: shrimp burrito, 1x ALA, 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10 

2200: shrimp ceviche, 2x L-theanine, 1x b complex, 1x b3

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