Posted: January 5, 2017 in Heart

ā€‹0700 : 1x exhilarin 

1230: 2x probiotic, 1x ALA, 1x carnitine,  1x CoQ10 

Chicken, salad, watermelon juice 
So yet another fight this morning. 6am kinda fight. Why? Cause her stupid plan of trying to schedule intimacy. Like intimacy cane be scheduled like a client. This isn’t a dick appointment. This isn’t a booty call. If you want intimate than you have to allow it to flourish. As corny as this sounds it really is like a flower. You can’t tell the flower when and how to bloom and grow. You can’t yell and scream and try to intimidate it into growing. You just prepare the soil and give it enough love and it will give you the most amazing blooms, every single time. Let it breath. Let it be free. Enrich the surroundings and it will have no choice but to flourish. Schedule growth between 8-10 and see what happens. It’ll disappoint you every single time. That’s the most sure fire way of failure. 

So what’s the alternative?? I dunno, maybe find out about the flower and what makes if grow huge and go about it that way. In human terms, make the situation light and fun. Don’t add stress into the situation cause it will only make things worse. Let there be happiness.  don’t always insist that it has to be your way cause it has to work for you. There’s 2 people. If it doesn’t work for the other then your going nowhere and fast!! Don’t be a tyrant. Try being nice. Try being sweet. Try being playful. Drop the attitude. Trying giving the other person what they want. You don’t always need to get it your way. Give, don’t always take. Guys have feelings too. If you don’t want that then don’t have a relationship. Have a fingerblast buddy that can come and do the trick and leave. A lot of give comes with relationships, it’s not all take. Their not a slave to be used at will when your ready for them. Anyways, this has spiraled off into a rant now. Back to the matter at hand, all this and I didn’t feel my heart skip. I must be doing something right. Rule #1: never skip sleep!! For anything. Even if it means a fight after. It’s really the most important thing you can do for your heart. The stress will come with the fight but the sleep will make sure that the heart doesn’t go wacky and have you over react. 
1300: 1x gaba,  2x b3 100mg, stash mojito mint green tea 

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