Posted: January 2, 2017 in Trials of Life

​Didn’t sleep well. But only woke up once. 
0730: 1x exhilarin, 2 drops d+k, coffee alternative, southern butter pecan creamer 

1040: 2  d +k drops

1045: 2x probiotic 

1100: omelet with chicken and 1/2 onion 

1130: 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA, 1x carnitine, 2x 5htp, black seed whole 

1200: bee pollen, 1/2 tsp arginine, 1tsp D-ribos, 1 tsp maca

1600: 1x gaba 500mg

1630: mojito mint green tea 

2000: salad, chicken, beets,  1x fish oil

2100: 1x tryptophan 

2200: 1 tsp calm magnesium 

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