Posted: January 2, 2017 in Trials of Life

​Another great day, 8 hours of sleep, I feel alive and well rested. Heart so far, zero skips. I’m so so so grateful for that. The terror of heart skipping is a nightmare and I’m so grateful not to be having right now. Another observation I’ve made is the higher the stress level, the less hard an erection is in the morning. Waking up with a super hard erection directly correlates to very low levels of cortisone and epinephrine. Less fight /flight chemicals, means everything relaxes, blood vessels relax, more blood flow, more oxygen, more happy chems, and less heart skippage. So the only thing that I’m noticing is still around is a little rib cage pain. That might be isolated as I have had costochondritis and apparently still do. So inflammation is definitely a factor. To update my findings, there’s 4 things that affect PAC’s:
1, sleep (restful) 

2, stress

3, inflammation 

4, GERD (too much acid in the stomach), and general overall body acidification. 
I believe that if we reduce the aforementioned #2-4 and increase #1, then your in your way to being free and clear of PAC’s. 
0745: 1x exhilarin 

0930: acv + baking soda

0945: Tulsi chai masala tea

1130: chicken, potatoes, carrots 

1200: 1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA, 1x fish oil, 1x b3 100mg, 1x b complex (natural factors) 

1230: roasted brown rice green tea 

1245: 45 crunches, and 30 pushups 

1400: tea: hibiscus, fennel, holy basil, hawthorn 

1430: 2 drops d+k

1545: 1x D-stress 

1830: chicken, salad, left over conch fritters, 1x potassium iodide 

1900: stash red velvet tea

2000: chamomile tea

2145: 1x tryptophan 

2100: 1tsp calm magnesium

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