Posted: January 2, 2017 in Trials of Life

​So here I am.  On a puddle jumper, once again, off to the sunny island if Ambergris Caye. I dunno what’s sadder, not coming here any more or making this trip with no love in my heart for it. I look out the window and see nothing up open sea, miraculous beauty, sunny skies, I cam imagine the warm breeze on my face, the sun shining, the smell of salt water in the air. And yet, I’m not filled with any excitement. At all. It’s a strange feeling. It could be my last trip, the last time I ever see these sunny shores. And yet, I don’t appreciate it. It’s a strange thing. 
We spent the night In Atlanta, had a 12 hour layover, stayed at a nice 4 star hotel, went out at night and had some deep fried seafood from one of the best places in town. Best clam chowder ever, that’s for sure!! Didn’t see much of the sites but the hospitality and friendliness was off the charts. Southern charm. No doubt about it. I’d love to come back and explore Georgia some day, if I can. 
So on the 22nd at night got into a huge fight with Christie, made my heart skip again. Chest tight. Terrible feeling. Stress is beyond a shadow of a doubt responsible for a third of the PAC’s. Digestion and sleep being the other 2/3rds. So yesterday was still a bit upset, but as the night went on it got better. Took my mind off of things and bs cause of the stuff we had to do, Last minute pickups of stuff and the drive to see moudy. Then the drive there was a nightmare!!! We get to where the 401 and 403 meet and it’s gridlock. Standstill for an hour. We take an off road and it’s gridlock there too. Stress to the max. The chance if us making it to Hamilton and then to the airport was next to nill. But somehow we do!! Back roads, flying in the highway, pure wreckless abandonment! But we make it. Land in Atlanta. Stress reduced. Hearts good. 
0700: 1x exhilarin 

0730: breakfast buffet 

1730: 10 almonds, 2x l-theanine 250mg

Ceviche for dinner with basmati rice 

1830: 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA 

1900: 1x D-stress, 1x fish oil,  25 drops Aussie trace minerals 

2000: tea: anise, fennel, caraway, chamomile, hibiscus, Rose water, honey 

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