Posted: January 2, 2017 in Trials of Life

​So heart is messed. Life is messed. Idunno what to say right now. Got into a huge fight last night cause I wanted to sleep so I don’t aggravate my heart and cause we had to get up super early and pack and get a whole bunch more things before we fly out tonight, and my lovely gf wanted to be serviced. Oh she’s a virginity btw. Yeah figure that one out.  Needless to say I said no, she freaked out, we fought for 4 hours. Super stressed. And heart issues were back. So lesson learned. It’s 0900 now and my nerves are shot. Chest pain. And even though the wisest thing right now would be to cancel the flight. . .  I won’t. I push on. Hopefully this isn’t my last post lol
0900: 1x exhilarin 

0930: CAF, Sorel, hibiscus, cloves, chamomile, rose water, honey, 30 drops heart care 

1000: 2x drops d+k, 

1130: 1x ALA, 1x carnitine 

1300: 1 x D-stress, 1x CoQ10 

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