Posted: December 31, 2016 in Trials of Life

​4 hours of sleep is never enough to function properly. For anyone, doing any job. Especially for someone doing mine. But surprisingly I woke up with a sense of clarity. I knew it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t. Few minutes, but they were great. I love the calm. Before I started thinking and getting all tense. Heart was good. Everything was good. It’s doing it’s lil PAC thing again, so whatever. I could wish it wasn’t. But what good would that do? Wishing upon a star never solves anything. It’s the fact that we have to wish and actually do something about it. So I’ve done as much as I can about it. I’ll keep doing my best to get this fixed and heart back in its own place doing it’s own thing. I think for now this adrenal thing is gonna be the first step. Along right the gerd thing. So baking soda and ACV and those exhilarin pills and hope for the best over time. I also need to work out. So imma do that tonight. See if that helps. It either helps or it makes it worse. Either way get’r done while I’m still in Canada and can get taken care of professionally. Hope for the best. Today is trying at the best of time. My “favourite” foreman is working. Should be interesting to say the least. 

It’s really interesting though. I’m laying here now feeling my heart pump. So I woke up and it was great. Calm. Happy. Beating soft. No issues. I haven’t moved from my spot. Or don’t anything to put strain on my heart other than use my brain. And now it’s beating harder, more forceful, and skipping beats. I don’t get it. 

0450: 1x exhilarin, 2 drops d+k

0500: acv and baking soda 
0600: organic Jasmin green tea, buckwheat honey, 30 drops heart care, few slices ginger 

1x carnitine, 1x CoQ10, 1x ALA 

Timmie’s egg and cheese on a croissant 

1030: small piece of mamas wafer cake. No idea what ingredients. Not too sweet. 

1045: 1x krill, 1x fish oil

1100: tea: CAF, hibiscus, chamomile, holy basil

1500: celery and hummus 

1700: shake: almond milk, mct, bee pollen, phytoberry, coconut water, 2g taurine, shitake powder, ginger powder, 1 scoop whey, 2tbs lavender plant, wild blueberries, 1tsp D-ribos 

2300: 3x probiotics, 1 bag dole chophouse salad chipotle and cheddar. 1/2 cut liberte kefir. 1x potassium iodide 

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