So so so much has happened. 

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Trials of Life

So to make a super long story short. . . So quick synopsis. That first trip to belize was amazing, to say the least. Got the see a whole new world. And there’s such a lot of world to see! Corny I know, but whatever it true. So the first 2 weeks, amazing. The last week, kinda got boring. I guess there really is such a thing as too much chilling. So I came back home, pretty excited. Picked up the car from valet and off to the first stop, Starbucks! Which had now been my ritual. So I went back 3 weeks after that. Couldn’t resist.  More fun in the sun. This time with a promise that we would leave the island and do something adventurous! And we did!! Myan ruins!! Love every minute of it!! Altun-Ha. Super cool! Cave tubing!! Super cool. Ate bread pudding from a gas station and drank raw coconut water from a fresh baby coconut, super cool!! And took the ferry, something I’ve wanted to do. Be with the people. Super cool!!!  Next day, invite only miss central America beauty pageant with a bunch of millionaires, which my gf crashed btw. Long story. Super cool!! Then the hurricane happen!! SUPER SUPER COOL!!! Granted, I do love me a good catastrophe! So we prepped. Got ready for it all day, it hit, omfg it was outrageous!! I stood outside for like 2 hours huddled in a corner just to watch this beast come off the water and smash us so hard. Omg that was the coolest thing I’ve ever done!! Feel days later, back home. 

Few days goes by, I get invited back by the owner. Asks me to Consult. Me?!? Like wtf do I know about building multi million dollar resorts?!? So obv I say YYYYEEEESSSSS!!! 

So since then I have flown back 5 times and this being my sixth. Well, that’s what’s to be deterred. I’m sitting in an ER bed waiting my results of my heart testing. Burning the candle at both ends and in the middle must have caught up with me finally. PAC’s they call it. So far that is. Still waiting on the blood work. So now we wait. 

Why am I telling you this?? Why skip over the best parts? Well I’m sure I’ll double back and tell more belize stories. That’s for sure. I do love talking about it. But I want to share this now cause maybe I can help someone who’s got it. I’ve been keeping a strict log of everything I eat and all the supplements I take. Even how I’m feeling during the day. A journal of sorts. Why not right? Maybe no one will ever read it. Maybe 1 person will find help. But really this is for me express. Cage it in print and put it on display for world to see, even if no one knows it exists. 

So I’m gonna do my best to publish my notes at the end of the day every day. They are gonna seem erratic at best. But some days they do have this poetic sadness and intellect about this. So here goes. No promises I’ll do it daily. That’s what I said this blog was gonna be about when I started it like 8 years ago and there’s still only 3 posts. 

So here goes nothing. . . . 

Update : Belize here I come!! Doc came in and said that the blood work came back normal. X-rays are normal. Even the monitor with the crazy beats is normal. Nothing out if the ordinary. Something us getting it going but nothing that is indicating disease or anything wrong. It’s almost a stimulant effect. Said to not smoke cigars or hit the coffee. Kinda goes along with what Frank said after the live blood exam. Adrenals are off the charts! So I’m gonna chalk it up to that. And maybe GERD, and nothing wrong with my body or heart. Strong as bull!! 

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