I sure have come a long way

Posted: July 12, 2016 in New Beginings

Wow! What does one say when they step into a time machine and go back 5 years into their past and look, really look with eyes wide open? What would you know now that you didn’t then? How would you handle things differently now that you couldn’t then? How would do differently now than you did it then? Tough questions  and even tougher answers.

So 5 years has gone by in my life since I started this blog. And even then it was 3 years too late. I always wanted to share the story of my life with others but well…. its complicated. LOL isn’t that what we always say though. Its always complicated. Life’s complicated. But is it really though? Or is life really dumdum simple and we’re just too dumb to figure that out? So then why we complicate things? The answer to that is …. well, complicated.

The simple truth? I don’t know. But I also don’t care. And their in lies the key, the answer. Do sharks complicate their lives with nonsense? NO!! They go about the business of being the best damn shark they can be! Biting stuff, chasing shit, being really fkn scary! Reminding everyone their a FKN SHARK!!

Oh …. so the reason why I’m back! And yes it does have to do with sharks. I’m going to Belize in a few days!! I’ve never left the country (Canada), well other than to go to the states. And yes I’ve traveled Canada. Well most of it. This year was supposed to be the year of going to the east coast….. but well this kinda trumps that. I can do that next year. This is gonna be the year of Belize. Just happens to be that my photography studio is kicking up as well so this is perfect timing to work on my Belize Portfolio!  My first in the Exotic World line-up.  Are you as pumped as I am about this?!! Well obv not…but you should be.  Your the lucky one that’s gonna get to follow me around where I go.  Ok so lets be honest… you really don’t care, but that’s ok.  Your not supposed to.  But your gonna get some amazing ideas and basically be inspired.  This is gonna pretty much be Belize for dummies.  Exotic travel 101.  From someone who’s never left Canada!

So of course this would have never EVER happened if it wasn’t for my #1 girl Christie Thor!  BIG BIG shout out!  I’m so forever grateful for meeting you…. truly a game changer!  And yes your gonna see her beautiful face on these pages as much as, if not more than any thing else I’ll post.  So stay tuned!!

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